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Toshiba IK-WB11A - Free Ground Shipping!

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  • Incredible 1.45 megapixel ½" CCD (1280X960 resolution) for superior image detail and color  
  • 802.11b wireless connection for easy installation without cables  
  • 0.03 lux ultra low light imaging with auto switching from color to black and white in low light  
  • SD card slot for recording or storage at the camera  
  • Reflector solution to prevent web page crashes or bad image quality from too much traffic  
  • Dynamic DNS support makes a dynamic IP address a static IP address  
  • Microphone input allows the user to add a mic to fit most audio applications  
  • Pan/Tilt/ Digital Zoom over the net allows the surfer to take control of the camera  
  • 10 preset auto patrol for continual monitoring without user interaction  
  • Motion detection system alerts you when activity occurs  
  • Privacy mask allows you to mask out sensitive areas  
  • Multi-screen capability lets you view up to 16 cameras  
  • 90-day free completes the installation for you  
  • One year limited warranty 

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