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MAGPiX B-350 Telescopic digital camera / binoculars (B350)

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The MAGPiX B350 is a compact digital camera with a 5x telescopic lense and a 8x21 binocular viewfinder, allowing you to take shots of difficult to reach areas without trailing to find a safe place to photograph them.
You don't need to focus before you can shoot - the MAGPiX B350 will automatically take a 5x magnification focused image, ideal for unpredictable photographic opportunities.

These are perfect for sports fans as the super fast automatic shutter speed (1/8000sec) means the MAGPiX B350 can catch and freeze-frame the action without any blurred vision - providing crystal clear images of goals being scored, high speed battles on the Formula One race track, and athletes crossing the winning line.

The images produced will definately impress! The photos are taken at 640 x 480 resolution and are stored on the B350's 64Mb onboard memory. With a top quota of up to 209 pictures, enough for a whole mission's worth of visual data, the images are easily downloadable to a Windows PC via the USB cable supplied.

The B350 can be used with a tripod and comes complete with a handy pouch for protecting it from the rough and tumble of wildlife.

With its great image quality, telescopic skills and super swift shutter speed, the MAGPiX B350 is a digital camera on zoom steroids. Requires Windows 98 or above (including Me and XP), 200Mhz PII and 12MB disk space for the software.

- B350 Digital Camera
- Users Manual
- USB cable
- Neck Strap
- Carry case
- 2 x Alkaline 'AAA' Batteries
- Installation CD
- Bonus Software

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